The inaugural 2021 MRL Impact Award goes to these two papers

Issuing time:2021-11-24 10:41


The annual MRL Impact Award is established since this year, 2021, by MRL Editorial Office. The aim of MRL Impact Award is to recognize distinguished accomplishments that makes substantial contributions to the materials science field. The award is open to any scientists worldwide who have published papers in Materials Research Letters during the two preceding years and consists of two prizes: Original Report and Overview/Perspective. The winner papers are determined by the Award Committee after receiving the nomination from Editorial Board.

For this inaugural year, one paper is highlighted for each prize. We are pleased to announce that the inaugural 2021 MRL Impact Award are presented to the following papers.

Original Report

Stabilizing nanoprecipitates in Al-Cu alloys for creep resistance at 300°C

Y. H. Gao, C. Yang, J. Y. Zhang, L. F. Cao, G. Liu*, J. Sun* & E. Ma*



Microstructures and properties of high-entropy alloy films and coatings: a review

Wei Li*, Ping Liu & Peter K. Liaw*


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